ArchaeoPY Update: What's new... What's to Come...

Hi All,

It has been awhile since our last update, but we are still alive and active!

Our GitHub repository  is slowly growing... so much so that we are in the process of doing an "inventory," to better structure the organisation of the repository. End goal: restructure snippets of codes (e.g. filters, data loaders) into folders separate from the GUI's, and have template GUI's, which the user can import and utilise the various snippets to suit their needs.

We will try to provide more regular updates on what we are working on through this page, but the GitHub repository will always be the most up-to-date. Currently we are working on:

Plotting: We have developed a straightforward 2D plotting interface (plotter) that loads tab separated data. This has developed out a need to plot lines of EMI data. The end goal is to add multi-axis plotting capabilities and run basic statistical analysis of the data. The GUI needs tidying up, but it still does the job.


An extension of Plotter is the multiple subplots GUI, which is still in progress:  multiple subplots

Other things we are working on also include a binary data viewer > exporter, and lidar hillshade data processing. Stay tuned for more.