GitHub Inventory and Housekeeping

Hello ArchaeoPY,

We are thrilled by the positive responses to our paper at the 2015 CAA UK hosted at Bradford this past weekend.

Chrys and Finn have finished taking inventory of what is currently in the ArchaeoPY repository. As a result, we have shuffled some things around, renamed some code to be more descriptive, and deleted a few extraneous files. A short inventory of what is currently available below:

ArchaeoPY Modeller - 2D resistivity and magnetic responses modeller over simple features. 3D modelling has been derived, but still needs to be implemented. Hasn't been forgotten--just taken a back seat to other tasks!


Filters: Contains filters (analytical signal and peak-finding, which for example, we recently used on EMI and mag data)

GUI Templates: Contains the base ArchaeoPY templates generated from Qt Designer... These may be re-thought at a later time. Originally ArchaeoPY was meant to have a template GUI, to which users could utilise to their own needs by importing in modules. Currently this template GUI is mpl, which contains a matplotlib canvas, with plotting and clearing buttons.

IO: Various in>out code. Includes binary data viewer and binary data savers (to dxf, txt, or png); image processing and saving GUI; EMI regridding GUI.

Plotting: Basic plotter GUI, now with statistical information and trendline plotting; multiple subplots plotting from the same file; and, in progress, multiple subplots from different files.

Positional: EMI (xyz data) regridding, grid sorting, geotiff with open layers.

Processing: scikit image processing, geophysical data processing.

We are still getting the hang of GitHub; so if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or tweet/facebook/google groups us!